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        Shanghai Jindi Kyushu Pharmaceutical (Anyang) Co., Ltd.

        Switchboard: 0372--6250880 Fax: 0372--6250890

        E-mail: jz6250890@126.com

        Website: www.new-ox.com

        Marketing Center: 0372--6250892

        Sales of APIs:

        Mr. Fu: 135-6903-7762 (Foreign Ministry)

        Mr. Chen: 134-0372-0000

        Mr. Ye: 139-4953-3698

        Miss Du:185-6885-8530

        Injection sales:

        Mr. An: 151-3101-5755

        Supply Department:

        Mr. Wang: 138-3721-3711

        Mr. Zhao: 136-6372-8999

        Mr. Niu: 139-4952-8999

        Human Resources Recruitment: Ms. Song: 155-1878-5470

        Company Address: Tangyin Road, Tangyin Industrial Cluster, Anyang City, Henan Province

        Company zip code: 456150


        Kyushu Briefing Issue 169


        Kyushu Briefing Issue 169


          [Work dynamics]

          Zhao Wenwu, the chairman of the company, won the honorary title of “Yuexiang Model” in Tangyin County


        On February 10th, Tangyin County held the 2017 “Five Winds” Construction Work Commendation Conference at the Radio and Television Broadcasting Center. Zhao Wenwu, the chairman of our company, was awarded the honorary title of “Yuexiang Model”. The conference called on the county to learn "Yuexiang Model, Tangyin Model", and continue to gather powerful positive energy, and build Tangyin into a spiritual home full of truth, goodness and beauty, which is desirable, reminiscent and inspiring.

        Attachment: commendation materials

        I. List of the “Yuexiang Model, Tangyin Model” of Tangyin County in 2017

        Party style (17)

        Zhao Wenwu Yan Changqing Zhao Ming Li Kebo Wang Jinwei Ge Shuqin

        Dong Yaoli Yu Guoan Yu Ruixing Chang Bin Zhang Zhigang Yang Wenhui

        Meng Qingwei Zhao Guomin Ma Wenping Du Wenbo Li Chun

        Second, the Hall of Fame


          Company Party Office: Li Zhiping

          [Kyushu Wenyuan]

          Spring dyed Kyushu Jindi

        From the first day of the first month of the seventh month, I entered the company and greeted the new green of the buds in early spring and early February. I realized the rush of the passing of the passing years. In the feeling of where I went, let us learn to cherish the cooperation of the company's employees. In the ordinary course, at the same time, let us learn to accept and adapt, accept the strict control of environmental protection policies, and adapt to the difficult and difficult transition of the pharmaceutical industry.

        Time is always in the mood and will not be disturbed. Regardless of the size of the company, it has its own unforgettable heart and mission. In the ups and downs of the growth trajectory, it records the warmth and joys and sorrows of the world, and also records the hard work and strength in the struggle.

        Mr. Zhao and Mr. Zhang often taught that they should carry forward the "Kyushu Spirit" and firmly believe that the future of Kyushu will be realized and will be realized. I have hopes in my heart, and there are sunshine in my eyes, so I can be down to earth and powerful. On the way forward, there is only a bright mood, and there will be bright encounters. I always believe that there is no endless road in this world, no end to the bridge, no shore that can't reach. Spring breeze and green Kyushu land, Jindi fears heavy difficulties!

          Supervision Office: Li Zhiping

          [Management field]

          Concentrate on the key points to improve the style of implementation


        The earth springs back, it is full of vitality, and Vientiane is updated. In 2018, the company carried out the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and guided the new practice with new ideas. It was the first year of the revitalization of Jindi Kyushu Pharmaceutical. It is necessary to focus on the overall development of "15159", implement the concept of green and environmentally friendly clean production, adhere to the principle of quality first, efficiency priority, and serve the overall situation of production and operation.

        In 2018, the company's overall work arrangement was deployed, achieving a total production value of 150 million yuan, profits and taxes of 10 million yuan, highlighting five key tasks of quality regulation, environmental protection, quality improvement, R&D innovation, and market expansion, and pushed the following nine work initiatives. Guided by the principle of "three more" of the 19th National Party's new ideas and compliance concept, promote the promotion of various tasks; focus on service, supervision, and promotion, and enhance functional management capabilities; Responsibility is the benchmark, shaping the brand image; taking the injection and nucleoside workshop marketing as a breakthrough, filling up the marketing short board; taking the diclofenac potassium and cinnarizine certification as an opportunity to enhance the development stamina; based on knowledge, skill and innovation To build a talent team; to use the new products of cyclic adenosine monophosphate and hydroxocobalamin hydrochloride as a model to accelerate the pace of transformation; to upgrade the coal-fired incinerator as a bright spot, to innovate the new mode of production of pharmaceutical enterprises; to feature a new integrated raw material drug workshop, to enhance Comprehensive Competitiveness.

        Yan Hua is easy to lose, and his heart is not forgotten. Happiness is the struggle. The development of Jindi Kyushu Pharmaceuticals today relies on the continuous struggle and hard work of Kyushu people for more than ten years. A new year is in sight. We must grasp the overall thinking and implement the work measures. When we open the road to meet the water and bridge the bridge, we will carry out the “three majors” reform of Jindi Kyushu Pharmaceuticals, but we will not be relaxed in the imagination. The virtual sound, one step at a time, and the hard work, can turn the Kyushu Soaring Blueprint into reality.

        The years are plowing and not losing the light. Each of our employees is standing on the hot spot of Jindi Kyushu Pharmaceutical. Everyone should have a timetable of their own. Sowing the hope of the future, and cultivating every inch of time. In the 18th year, standing on the land of China, which basically realizes socialist modernization, we can sincerely sigh: the years have not been vain, everything is as I wish.

          Supervision Office: Li Zhiping

          [Quality Control]

          The challenge is to leave the opportunity for those who are prepared


        The 2017 Golden Rooster has left us, and the 2018 Mongol has come to us. Yesterday was faint, everyone laughed and laughed, thanking each other for mutual understanding and support; shaking hands and hugging tears, 2018 is a challenging year, recalling 2011, the new version of GMP was implemented, and everyone in 2013 and 2014 fought The front line of the new GMP certification, with China's participation in the ICH, we have a long-standing understanding of the new GMP that started in the EU, and a group of people who took a step ahead of us provided valuable experience for us. So that we can listen to it, we can avoid the darkness of the letter, and let us take a lot of detours in our work. In the blink of an eye, five years have passed. Everyone who knows GMP knows that a new reincarnation will come again, so we will be ready to fight. After five years of accumulation and experience, we are all mature, and we should be called the new version of GMP. The old version of GMP has further recognition.

        The past 2017 is the year of revolution in the pharmaceutical industry. The new policies are frequent and the regulations are becoming stricter. At present, challenges and opportunities coexist, difficulties and hopes are at the same time, and the development of China's pharmaceutical industry is also facing new situations, new changes and new requirements; 2018 is also a year full of opportunities. The 40th anniversary of China's reform and opening up and the beginning of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the country's medical reform policy was introduced, mergers and reorganizations are in full swing, many small and medium-sized enterprises shut down and turn, old The old system and the operating system that is no longer suitable for the times, especially the production quality system, are undergoing fundamental changes, and various new policies and regulations will be implemented. The long road is long and we have a long way to go. When our vast number of comrades showed their abilities, they arrived again. Through learning, we upgraded ourselves, and said that we have contributed to the development of the country, and we have said that it is a fever for the development of the enterprise. A good life.

        The glory of the past cannot be forgotten, the beautiful tomorrow needs to struggle, and happiness is struggling. The new year has arrived, but please believe that your sweat will not flow in vain, and you will shake hands with you sooner or later; your efforts will not be wasted, and the victory will be with you sooner or later. We are willing to work together in the new year to make great achievements and write a brilliant stroke on the road of Kyushu. Come on, Kyushu people!

          Quality Supervision Department: Yang Wenjun

          Riding the wind and breaking the waves


        Time flies, the golden rooster resigns, the first reunion, the reed dog welcomes spring. The 21 employees of the company's central laboratory, with the joy of achieving fruitful results in 2017, entered the 2018 year at a prosperous pace. In the past year, the staff of the central laboratory worked together to unite and fought, overcoming the four consecutive months of overtime work in the first half of 2017, and the simultaneous start of three production workshops, bringing heavy work tasks and large inspection volume. Difficulties and difficulties have been achieved, and standardized inspections and normative records have been achieved. The workshops have been successfully passed and the GMP inspections of superiors have been successfully passed.

        Looking back on the past, we are full of emotions, aiming at the goal, and we are more passionate. In the new year, our central laboratory will deploy around the company's overall work schedule in 2018, continue to work diligently, work harder to test, set up sleeves to refuel, open the road, meet the water and bridge, and be the company's quality management system. Efficiently manage operations and make new contributions.

        In the laboratory inspection work, we must continue to play two advantages and build two mechanisms. First, we must continue to give full play to the advantages of the young and middle-aged employees of the department, burn passion in the work, release ideals, and show the style; second, there are 165 advanced testing equipments for the current central laboratory, including three high-performance liquid chromatographs and two gas chromatography units. There is one infrared spectrophotometer, and the equipment is equipped with the actual situation of the audit trail software. We must also give full play to the advantages of technical equipment, fine operation, meticulous, serious and serious, and be a good quality management model. In terms of building a mechanism, first, we must continue to improve and adhere to the performance appraisal mechanism, improve staff skills, and test work service functions; second, adhere to improve the formulation and implementation of internal rules and regulations, sort out the original rules and regulations, and formulate the latest regulations. The most complete and effective rules and regulations, while increasing enforcement, promote the management level of functional departments, and improve the efficiency of laboratory testing.

        In 2018, all the staff in our central laboratory are full of confidence and spirit, and we ask the company leaders and colleagues to believe us.

          Central Laboratory: Yang Shuya

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